This article first appeared on in the Monaro Post. It has been edited for the SMGS Blog. 

At SMGS, we believe that boarding provides a home away from home. Boarders form strong friendships, and bond over adventures, shared meals, and funny tales, just like any family. But what family would be complete without a furry friend?  

For the last year, the SMGS Boarding House has had a very loyal mascot. Gyro has provided boarders with snuggles, and a sympathetic ear, and has been a never-ending source of hilarity. He even has his own Instagram, managed by the students – @gyro_the_boho_doggo.

Gyro has gone home to spend the holidays in Tasmania, but there’s a new hound in town!

Sally had her first day in the Boarding House on Wednesday, and promptly became everyone’s newest (squirmiest) friend! She attended the Boarder’s Christmas Dinner, and is providing some very adorable distraction from the end of year madness! Today may be our last day of school here at SMGS, but we we’re already looking forward to seeing Sally in 2019!

Dogs make fantastic companions, teach responsibility and patience, and provide a wonderful sense of comfort. SMGS is very lucky to be able welcome Gyro and Sally into the Boarding House; they truly capture the spirit of boarding at SMGS – family!


Gyro and Friend

Sally and Friend