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The transition into high school represents a momentous change for many students. It marks the transition from child to adolescent, and signifies newfound responsibility and freedom. For many, though, starting Year 7 also presents a world of unknowns. Here are some tips to ensure that your child flourishes in their new academic environment:

  1. Understand the role technology will play in the classroom

Technology plays an important role in the modern classroom. Utilising a device in the learning environment should not be confused with personal use; however, it’s important that your child understands the difference. Encourage them to learn how to use their school’s digital tools, and keep games and social media for home.

  1. Know your child’s learning process and their school’s pedagogy

Each student learns differently, so ask your child’s prospective teachers about their teaching style. Will there be hands-on elements to the curriculum? Will each child receive individual attention in the classroom? Do the students ever learn outdoors? Is the teacher passionate and knowledgeable about their subject? Work together to make any adjustments needed.

  1. Skills for the future

Consider the cross-curriculum learning opportunities in your school. Nothing encourages renewed interest in a previously disliked academic subject quite like the application of that knowledge to an interesting task. A pilot’s licence requires mathematics, mountain biking can be enhanced by a knowledge of geography, and artistic talent can inspire a love of history.

  1. Leadership and personal development

All children possess the ability to be strong and capable leaders. What programs does your school offer that allow students to practise public speaking, teamwork and empathy? Encourage your child to join their Student Representative Council, or UN Youth, complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, or play a sport.

  1. The social scene

New Year, new friends! Year 7 provides your child with the perfect opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships. Encourage compassion and personal awareness, and promote an open, honest dialogue about your child’s social life.

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