This morning our Junior School community met at Banjo Paterson Park ready to ride and scoot to school for an early national Ride2School Day, which is promoted as “Australia’s biggest celebration of active travel and one of the best days in the school calendar” (the national day officially occurs later in March). The SMGS community couldn’t agree more!

Mother Nature outdid herself and displayed a perfect first day of Autumn, while our students, staff and parents displayed an amazing amount of energy and excitement.

Of today’s event, organiser and SMGS Kindergarten teacher, Ms Tavia Taylor, said, “The Ride2School morning has become an annual event since it started four years ago. With so many of our families living out of town, riding or walking to school is not an option for the majority of our students. When I first started the event, my aim was to give the Junior School students an opportunity to learn about bike safety, to participate in physical activity before arriving at school, helping them to be focused for the day ahead, and for them to do all of this with their family and friends. The event continues to grow, with many of our Year 11 and 12 students joining us for the ride. The Ride2School morning has become an event that is highly anticipated by our students, families and staff.”

It was wonderful to see the students’ camaraderie as they met for the morning’s adventure, seeing some students who had been on training wheels in years past proudly riding around independently, and of course our parents and staff ready to start the day with a bit of exercise themselves.

A massive thank you to our staff, parents and Year 12 students who helped organise such a special and memorable day for our Junior School!

We can all agree that next year’s Ride2School morning can’t come soon enough!