This week we took all of our Year 6 students to attend the GRIP Leadership Conference at Canberra’s Australian Institute of Sport. Our Junior School leaders joined over 450 students attending from all over the region and fully embraced the opportunity to mix with other students who are in the same position at other schools. The day was spent learning about what attributes are considered essential for great leadership. We opened the day with a quote: “Leadership is about people. Not a position or power”. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to consider what leadership is and means to them at their young age. Students were shown areas to focus on when thinking about developing their ability to lead. They began with the need to reflect on developing their own character. They spent time unpacking what the core character traits are of a leader. These being:

Having confidence with humility
Being others focused
Being reliable
Showing empathy

From here they looked at how they can contribute to their team followed by how they can influence the culture of their school. Finally, they spent time thinking about causes that they could advocate for that had a positive impact on their society.

We will be working with the material from the GRIP Conference during this year to help grow each Year 6 student’s ability to lead with authenticity and integrity. It was a big day of travel but well worth it!