This week in Academy time in the Senior School we had the privilege of taking our Tuesday group to a local event run by the Snowy Mountains Innovation Network. The students participated in a workshop, ‘Solutions Hackathon’, which was run to draw out areas of focus for innovation in our local community into the future. The workshop aimed to highlight the most important areas of concern to us, with regard to accommodation, all year-round experiences, work placement and anything else worth exploring. In teams, our students joined local business and council representatives in discussing these areas. We brainstormed what is currently happening in these spaces and then jumped into what could be happening. It was exciting to share our ideas with our community and feel validation when all attendees voted on what they considered most important and relevant. As it turns out, the student voice was strong and well received. Ideas put forward included developing a way for the youth of the area to access the lake and surrounding foreshore in a more engaging way. Flynn Mooney was also able to share his small business idea of selling bamboo straws in local venues and we had some boys talk about an app or website that connects employers with potential employees across all networks of employment. What was lovely was to have the hosts of the event thank the students for their attendance and acknowledge that their participation enriched the experience. I would like to congratulate Aurelio Avagliano, Ely Frize, James Gianoutsos, Harry Deacon, Ella Dennis, Flynn Mooney and Anton Skobelkin for the way in which they handled themselves in this public forum. They were a credit to themselves and to the Academy Program. We hope to become further involved with the Snowy Mountains Innovation Network into the future