Cultural Connections Day is an opportunity for the Junior School students at SMGS to celebrate the multicultural nation that is Australia. Our Junior School Cultural Day is therefore an opportunity to explore some of the countries and cultures that have helped to shape Australia. Every year we focus on a different region around the world. This year we examined Indonesia, Korea, India and Japan.


Students participated in a range of activities, and featuring at this year’s cultural festival were: Bollywood dancing, mehndi henna designs and eating biryani in India; shadow puppet-making, tiki totem drawing and eating mee goreng in Indonesia; painting watercolour cherry blossoms, crafting origami petals and koi fish, and drawing characters inspired by  manga cartooning in Japan; and in the students’ final destination they visited Korea, where they were treated to a photo shoot while dressed in traditional hanbok outfits, crafted paper dragons and played traditional Korean children’s games.


Of the day’s events, our students said: 


“I had so much fun doing the origami because I got to learn new folds and I made a ninja star and a ten-petal flower.”- Helena, Year 5


“I liked dressing up in the Korean dresses because you got to know how it feels to wear their clothing. There were so many layers. I felt really special.” -Georgette, Year 5


“The best part was the Bollywood dancing because it was harder than it looked!” –  Ailia, Year 5


“Today was really fun. India had lots of pretty lights hanging around the room like you would see in India and we got to eat yummy food. I really liked doing the henna design activity.” – Alessia, Year 3


“The food was really good and we did lots of fun stuff. These days are really good because you get to learn about different countries that you might not be able to go and visit. I liked trying on different countries’ clothes.” – Oki, Year 6


“I really liked trying food from different countries and it was really good learning new facts about different countries. I’d like to go and visit India for real.” – Harry, Year 6


“It was really fun to learn about the different cultures and different countries. It was really fun dressing up in the Korea room in their traditional dress. It is so different to how we dress in Australia.” – Tilly, Year 6


“I loved India and Korea was awesome. I learnt that Korea worships the dragon and the tiger.”- Axel, Year 3


Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Cultural Day a wonderful and memorable day for our students.