Our Junior School students have been enjoying the new garden beds and outdoor spaces to learn, socialise, find a quiet study spot, eat lunch and of course learn about gardening and plants.

Today, the Kindergarten students had their science lesson outside, where they learnt about the life cycle of plants. They were joined by three Year 3 students from the “Eat Street Gardening Club” who helped to teach the Kindergarten students about plant life cycles from their own experiences in the Junior School garden. The Kindergarten students enjoyed planting their own seeds and recorded their observations from the garden. 

The new spaces and, in particular the new gardens, have had an immediate impact on the creation of new learning opportunities like our Kindergarten students had today.

Of the addition of these outdoor learning spaces to the Junior School and what is yet to come, SMGS Director of Junior School / Learning Innovation, Scott Frize, said, “Over the course of late last year and this term, we are continuing to develop the feel of our Junior School spaces, particularly our outdoor area. If you have been in recently, you will have noticed our latest addition of built-in hardwood timber benches. These have been constructed to allow students to access outdoor learning spaces that are appropriate for their needs. They also double-up as additional places at which to sit during break times, to eat and converse. Our garden club is hard at work cultivating the growth of the greenery around us and we intend to add to this over the coming weeks.”