Snowy Mountains Grammar School is proud to join schools across Australia who are taking action today, the ninth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA), Friday 15 March 2019.

According to the Bullying No Way website (, “5726 Australian schools are official NDA schools in 2019 and are part of a nationwide movement celebrating this year’s theme of Bullying. No Way! Take action every day”.  The NDA gives schools the chance to take action and empower young people to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in their school community. It provides an opportunity to focus on bullying and the changes we can all make to help create safer communities for everyone.

To raise awareness for NDA, our students participated in a number of activities, which included:

  • A full school aerial photo taken by Aviation Academy student, Bode Townend
  • At today’s Chapel, Twynam House focused on the school value EMPATHY
  • A “Stand Up Wall” – all students and staff members were invited to make at least one pledge that, as an individual, they can do in our community to “stand up against bullying”. These pledges will remain on display for the next week.
  • Wearing the Bullying No Way bracelet.

“Over 2.4 million students around Australia are driving action in their school communities.”  SMGS staff and students are part of this action, by standing together to say “Bullying. No Way!” and taking the personal pledge today to STOP bullying in schools and the wider community. NDA is an annual event on our calendar and a focus day for our Wellbeing program. 

The Wellbeing program at SMGS is a partnership between students, staff and families and the aim of this is to help the whole SMGS community to flourish. Today’s activities are therefore an important aspect of our community coming together to celebrate and acknowledge who we are and what we stand for.

We are developing a whole school approach to Wellbeing which focuses attention on each individual student and their place within a thriving community. The National Wellbeing Framework, released in late 2018, provides the basis for our planning and program development for 2019 and into the future.

At SMGS we understand the elements of a positive school community (belonging, inclusion and active student participation) and we know this supports mental health and wellbeing. We also recognise the importance of relationships in building a sense of belonging and inclusion and in promoting active and meaningful participation.

Our Wellbeing approach is both strategic and responsive. Across K-12 we have explicit events and programs aimed at individuals, different age groups, peer groups, houses and the whole community. We also respond to more immediate need. This agility and flexibility allows SMGS to support the young people in our care across K-12, day and boarding.

Our activities for NDA today have been inspiring and empowering, and provide an impetus for further ways to achieve a secure and safe environment for all in the SMGS community.