Junior School K-4 Mountain Bike Club

The Junior School K-4 Mountain Bike Club has begun its four-week program for Term 1 with rave reviews from our youngest SMGS students. The group of junior riders are coached by instructors from Jindabyne Girls Riders, Sarah and Karen. They are escorted by Mrs Pratt and Mrs Philpott as they ride the trails along the Lake Jindabyne foreshore.

In the first weeks of the program, the students challenged themselves through a series of skills tests on grassy terrain, then took to the trails of Hatchery Bay, practising their skills over rocks, berms and ‘super cool, steep bits!’ Along the way they were treated to a few extra surprises, including a visit from an echidna!

The program has one week remaining in this term and will re-commence in Term 2 on 2ndMay for another four weeks.

‘My favourite bit is going through the rocks on the dirt tracks.’

Charley Burns – Year 4


‘It’s fun riding with my school friends.’

Gretchen Quinn – Year 3


‘I love the MTB riding program. It’s fun to ride with the school.’

Kieren Bell – Year 3


‘It’s cool, even the super cool, steep bits, and we saw an echidna!’

Angie Burridge – Year 2