At SMGS, we work hard to equip each student with the fundamental skills to thrive in a modern world. Our globalised world has shifted considerably in the 21st century. New knowledge economies require advanced analytical thinking and skills, an ability to identify and solve complex problems in a range of different contexts, and the ability to engage and collaborate with others to produce outstanding results. 

The SMGS Kidpreneur Club is one of our many co-curricular programs that is achieving the mission stated above by providing a real-life application of curriculum learning in business, economics and mathematics.

What is SMGS Kidpreneur?

SMGS Kidpreneur is an initiative designed to inspire young children to develop their skills in innovation and entrepreneurialism, through creating their own small business.

Junior School Eat Street Markets

On Friday, 29 March, the SMGS Kidpreneur Club held its first event of 2019 with the Junior School Eat Street Markets.

Of the Junior School Eat Street Market, Melissa Bell, SMGS Kidpreneur facilitator, said, “Students had to choose their own product that was applicable to the group they were servicing. Students chose food items ranging from nachos to rocky road, and main courses and drinks as well as desserts.”

Kidpreneur is teeming with real-world relevance and outcomes such as product costing, responding to market demand, creation of business plans, development of a marketing plan, creation and understanding of a profit and loss statement and, for this particular event, students reviewed safe food handling practices.

When asked what they found was the hardest part of preparing for and executing their market stall at the SMGS Eat Street Markets, our Kidpreneurs said:

“Making the food items at the right time, when everyone wanted them, and not keeping people waiting.”


“Figuring out how much you need to buy to sell.”


“Working together and figuring out who is buying or organising different parts of what you will sell.”

The Junior School Eat Street Markets were a resounding success and we are hoping that some of the Kidpreneurs might go on to be the future entrepreneurs of our world.

So, what’s next on the SMGS Kidpreneur calendar? The Senior School Eat Street Markets, this Thursday, 4 April.

Check out all the action and insights from our students in the video below:

The photo gallery can be viewed here: