Our youngest learners started Term 2 with some new Literacy Rotation Activities. The Term 2, week 1 challenges included the following:

High Frequency Word Familiarisation – Students place magnetic letters on the small whiteboards to spell High Frequency Words. This supports letter recognition and develops phonemic awareness. At the writable table, students write high frequency words, practising correct letter formation and spelling. High Frequency Word knowledge is a key component in learning to read and write.

Numbers – Using the Ten-Frame floor mats, students choose a number card and then place the appropriate counters on their mat. Using large manipulatives engages students as they develop number concepts from 1 – 20.

Number identification and counting (2 Categories) – 1stactivity -Students practise forwards counting and writing numbers. Using small manipulatives, students count the dots and write the total number on student whiteboards.  2nd activity -Students use a 100s chart, say and write the corresponding number onto the large whiteboard.

Coding and Literacy – Students identify two rhyming cards that have been laid out on the floor (e.g. bee and key). Then, using code, they direct the classroom robot, Botley, to touch each card. Coding develops essential skills such as problem solving, logic and critical thinking.