Announced last year, the Go Jindabyne Master Plan is now gaining noticeable momentum. A Community Statement has just been published, which was largely informed by consultation with the general community late in 2018 through to early 2019. The principal planner, Rukshan de Silva, has worked with students from our local community, with students from both local schools sitting on the student committee. 


This week, the Go Jindabyne team spent time at our school and spoke to a group of student representatives from lower Junior School to Year 12 to elicit their ideas on how they each saw Jindabyne well into the future. From my own interactions, there were some clear themes emerging which focused on important topics, such as sporting facilities, especially an indoor stadium for ball sports and more and better pathways to ride bikes to connect to different places, faster internet speeds, a hospital, preservation of our environment, better access to the lakefront in some residential areas, and much more. It was great to hear the students’ ideas as the future of this area. If you are interested, there is a website from the Department of Planning and Environment that outlines more:


In my role as Principal, along with our P&F President Melita Beilicz, we have been invited as members of SMGS to be part of the community consultation group, as well as other leaders across various sectors within the Jindabyne community. Naturally, we will be well equipped to ensure the interests of SMGS, local education and our youth are well considered as we progress through this exciting process for the wider town.