On Friday 10 May, SMGS joined schools and workplaces across Australia to commemorate Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett and to extend the Dolly’s Dream message that bullying is never ok.

On Do it for Dolly Day, people can commemorate Dolly and support her family’s mission by “going blue” at school or work and holding fundraising events to help provide valuable resources to parents of bullied children. At SMGS we already have blue covered in our uniform so we held a BBQ at lunch to raise funds to donate to this cause. Students who had a “Dolly’s dream hat” were invited to wear it to school. In addition, our Year 7 class will be leading chapel in Week 4 to raise more awareness about Dolly Everett’s story.

Our school’s participation in supporting this day was presented to our Wellbeing team by Year 7 student, Cassandra Nicholls.

When asked why this day is so important to her, Cassandra said, “Do it for Dolly Day is important to me because she is a girl just like me/us. I didn’t know Dolly personally, but it is a very tragic event and I think it is amazing how her family has started Do it for Dolly Day to help educate and raise awareness about the seriousness of bullying and what could happen if we don’t speak up. Many of us have seen the effects of bullying yet no one realises that it won’t stop unless we all speak up.”

Dean of Students for Years 7 and 8, Emma Smith, and SMGS Director of Wellbeing, Kelli Wilson, were both quick to help Cassandra put the day into action, with Kelli saying, “The purpose of supporting national days of action like “Do it for Dolly” is to raise awareness about current issues in our world affecting young people. The Dolly’s Dream Foundation’s message and mission is most relevant to schools. We thank Cassandra for urging our school community to join the rest of Australia on this day.”