Today our Year 7/8 Virtual Debate team competed against Trinity Anglican school in the second-round of the National Virtual Debating competition. Details of the debate are as follows:

Topic: That Médecins Sans Frontières should not be impartial as to who they assist

Affirmative: Snowy Mountains Grammar School – NSW

Negative: Trinity Anglican School – Cairns, QLD

The adjudicator said that both teams had obviously researched the topic well as he learnt more aboutMédecins Sans Frontières from listening to the cases put forward by both teams.

SMGS won in a close debate.

In the break while the adjudicator was sorting out the scoring the teams had a casual conversation. During this time one of Trinity students said it was cold where they were, (She was wearing a sports jacket over her uniform). Our team asked the temperature and she said it was 26 C degrees!  They couldn’t believe it when our girls said it had been minus 4 this morning.