Very recently SMGS completed a submission to the NSW State Government to host a project which, if successful, would see two modern multi-purpose courts built on our site for our whole community to use. A requirement of the funding is that the wider community can use these, in addition to our school students using them daily for PE classes, sport and lunchtime play. As a key organisation within our wider local community, we would be pleased to see the use of new courts in Jindabyne, which could also host some evening or weekend structured sporting events. These could include basketball, netball, volleyball, tennis or European handball, which commonly occurs in many schools in other areas. If successful, the site location would be carefully determined through our current master planning process.

This type of funding is a first for NSW. Initially, our School Captain, Eve Donnelly, applied for the funding initiative as a member of our local community, which then required a host to guarantee the project to fruition. It is great to see our student leaders making suggestions and having a positive voice in our community – well done, Eve!

However, unlike most community funding, this new form requires the community to vote on the project which determines whether or not a project is funded. If the project application makes it to stage 2, we will need strong support from our whole local community, not just the SMGS community, with voting between 15 July and 15 August, otherwise we will not receive the funding. It is voter driven and we will provide the details on how to vote as we get closer to 15 July. Voters can only vote once and must live in the electorate. The basis of the project is to strengthen Healthy Communities by improving facilities, leading to better physical, social and mental health. These courts would be a great addition for Jindabyne, especially for our youth and for families to use. We will be providing more information by way of updates over the next couple of months. Let’s hope we make it to the next stage and that we have strong community support and, if that occurs, we will have these courts on-site within twelve months of the announcement (September).