For the second year in a row, SMGS will be participating in the Kids Cancer Project Write a Book in Day Competion. 

The Competition

Write a Book in a Day is a creative and challenging team competition for students in Years 5 to 12. Teams of up to ten have just twelve hours to write and illustrate a children’s book from start to finish. To make it even more fun, unique parameters are issued on the day of the competition and must be included in the story. Completed books are donated to children in hospitals all across Australia. 

In 2018 three teams of students produced three outstanding children’s books titled “Campground Rescue”, “Two Books, One Dream” and “The Puzzling Affair”.  While all three books were of an outstanding quality the Upper Secondary Division team received a Highly Commended Award with their book “The Puzzling Affair” being placed on display in the State Library as a novel for study.

Funds raised through sponsorship go to The Kids’ Cancer Project, a national charity with a mission to support scientific research to help children with cancer. 

Competition Details

  • SMGS Wednesday 26thJune 2019
  • 8am – 7pm
  • A PDF copy of the book must be uploaded by 8pm on the day
  • A bound hard copy of the book must be posted the next day
  • Teams consist of groups of between 5 and 10 students (including writers, illustrators & word processers)
  • Divisions:       
    • Primary (Years 5 – 6) 2000-2500 words
    • Middle Secondary (Years 7 – 9) 4000 – 5000 words
    • Upper Secondary (Years 10 – 12) 4000 – 5000 words
  • Competition fee is $310 per team ($31 per team member) with the majority of these funds going to support childhood cancer research.

Story Parameters (Issued on the day of competition).


  • 2 human characters, 1 non-human character
  • Issue, Setting, Identifiable Australian content
  • 5 random words to be included somewhere in the story
  • Target audience is children 10-16 years old who are patients in a children’s hospital
  • Book must include a front cover, back cover blurb and illustrations
  • Illustrations must be original, either drawn by hand or digitally created


  • Students interested in participating in the SMGS WABIAD competition on 26/6/19 need to email their expression of interest to Mrs Bell with their name, grade and preferred role in the team (writer, illustrator or word processer).
  • Teams will be created in consultation with classroom teachers based on numbers and specific team roles.