This term our students from Years 7-12 have been handed a challenge! As part of a competition called the AI for Good Challenge, students are encouraged to participate in coming up with ideas on how we can put artificial intelligence to good use across the following three areas:

  1. Accessibility – helping more than one billion people globally with a disability.
  2. Earth – helping solve global climate issues by improving environments, or by improving how we engage with nature.
  3. Humanitarian Action – helping support disaster recovery, addressing the needs of children, protecting displaced people and helping human rights.

The fantastic thing about this challenge is that the students don’t need to worry about the constraints of actually making the AI. They are free to think openly and creatively with no rules applied. We are calling for all students who would like to get involved with the thinking around this space to come and participate. Mr Moore and I will be running weekly sessions on Thursday afternoons from 4-5pm in the Library’s HUB to facilitate some learning around AI and in particular how to think creatively in regards to addressing these three important issues. For more information, please visit: