What is happening at SMGS in the Junior School to personalise the learning journey of our Year 4-6 students?

Do you remember learning maths at school? Did you love it? Was it fun? Or did you drag your feet to maths class, dreading another blackboard full of algebra? Was your learning personalised to your exact learning needs?

In 2019, the teachers in Year 4, 5 and 6 have taken a fresh, innovative approach to teaching mathematics. The Junior School teachers have paid heed to the recent research that suggests individual, personalised learning is the future for our students. These Junior School students are engaging in a mathematics program that offers a multi-faceted approach to learning mathematics and, significantly, is tailored to the unique, individual learning needs of each student.

Personalised learning is a growing aspiration in the field of education.

Maths Pathway is a personalised learning program that includes a blend of direct teaching of mathematical concepts to small target groups of students, rich learning and problem-solving activities and an individual, personalised program that is created and tailored to meet the academic needs of each individual student across the sixteen strands of mathematics, including access to content from Kindergarten to Year 10. This range of content enables the students to be challenged and explore content at their academic level, rather than just their assigned year level.  

So how does it work and why is it so successful?

The Maths Pathway program places each student on their own learning journey and tailors the content to the needs of each student. This allows each student to work to their instructional level, ensuring happy and confident kids who are being challenged as they learn. The program is complemented by teacher-led rich learning tasks which allow the students time to apply their gained knowledge in real life challenges and situations.

The blend of teaching and learning activities is proving to be highly successful and the teachers of these year groups are noting impressive academic progress but, more importantly, a significant growth in student self-belief and confidence when working mathematically. 

Our Year 6 teacher, Mr Frize, has noted that his students are accessing content as broadly as consolidating facts and formulas from earlier years to challenging themselves with content well above the expected Year 6 level. Further, he has noticed from his students a deeper connection and enjoyment with learning mathematics and believes this is due to the rich learning tasks which enable the students to use their knowledge in real life situations.



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