The combined subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) provide a chance for students to foster skills to prepare them for a rapidly changing world. With the development of innovative programs at SMGS, and to provide an enrichment opportunity for our students, we have initiated a Junior School STEM enrichment program. A small group of students who have been selected based on their skills, results and aptitude to work in a project-based learning environment, are taking part in this program which began this week. Thank you to Mrs Philpott for driving this initiative.

This course aims to provide practical, hands-on classroom activities to allow these students from Years 3 to 6 to develop and integrate their knowledge and skills from the four STEM disciplines. The program has a focus on collaborative and co-operative work, guiding students to develop effective team skills, while working creatively to solve a variety of challenges and activities from each of the subject areas. I am looking forward to seeing the area of STEM take on a greater role in education, both here at SMGS and beyond, as we recognise a rapidly changing future for our students.