Yesterday our Primary Virtual Debating Team won Round 3 of the National Virtual Debating competition.

Debate Topic: Plastic shopping bags should be replaced with paper bags in all retail outlets

Affirmative: Snowy Mountains Grammar School – NSW

Negative: Northside Montessori School (2) – NSW

Adjudicator: Hannah Kuhar

The adjudicator complemented both teams on having conducted strong research into the topic. She spent time evaluating each individual speaker’s performance, identifying strengths including how statistical information was presented in an effective manner and the quality of their speaking voices. Individual advice was also given to all speakers for future debates.

The adjudicator judged the third affirmative speaker as the best speaker in the debate and commented positively on “the punchy phrasing” of her case and the power of one of her rebuttals against the excessive cost associated with producing paper bags. “The cost of producing paper bags doesn’t matter as the Earth is more important”.

The team has shown they have taken on board advice given after each debate this year and have notably improved their debate structure and rebuttal skills.