The Stage 5 Elective Visual Arts Class ‘Matisse’ took Monday afternoon to explore the Lake for inspiration for their Lake Study. As a part of their Unit of work the Nature of Nature they have been examining how artist interpret and communicate the natural environment through unconventional forms of art

Students are completing observational studies of the Lake based on the of Australian Artist John Wolseley. Wolseley captures different perspectives of the landscape through textures, scientific drawings, prints, and watercolours. Monday’s outing was to photo document the lake foreshore, exploring the textures and patterns to start to build a profile of the areas. Next week they will head down with all their material and Visual Arts Process Diary, immersing themselves in the environment as inspiration. Our Lake is not only an excellent recreational resource but also a valuable area of inspiration for many local artists, so it was great opportunity despite it being winter for our students to explore their own backyard.