On Friday 28 June, Principal Dr Andrew Bell, Director of Activities, Mr Martin Philpott, ESA Co-ordinator Ms Annabel Elliot and Head of Boarding, Mrs Julie Wright welcomed new and returning student- athletes and their families to SMGS and the ESA program.

Annabel introduced the trio of ESA Supervisors who will be assisting with the program this winter – Hayden Lawn, Andrew Heath and Tom Hodges, with each of the supervisors bringing a wealth of experience in snowsports and elite athlete development to the program this year.

One of the highlights of the evening was the keynote address given by Australian Moguls Olympian, Nicole Parks. Everyone in attendance thorougly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to ask Nicole about racing and balance.

Prior to the evening, we caught up with ESA Co-ordinator Annabel Elliot to learn more about the ESA program this season. Here is what Annabel had to say:

What are you looking forward to most about this season?

As always, we are looking forward to a successful & fun season on and off snow.

What are some of the changes/improvements?

We have added ESA -only Maths tutorial sessions to the ESA timetable to expand our academic support element of the program.

What are a few tips you could give student-athletes to best achieve balance this season?

Make sure you take some time to remember why you’re here, and to make the most out of this opportunity. Listen to those around you, work hard and enjoy yourself!


                                                                          Early morning training at Perisher Resort