In their production of The Wizard of Oz, our youngest learners took us on a magical and fun-filled adventure down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City.

After the dress rehearsal and matinee performances, the cast and crew performed for a full house for their sole evening performance. It would be an understatement to say that parents, friends and staff were delighted and captivated with the SMGS Junior School musical-theatre rendition of the beloved story by L. Frank Baum.

Of the preparation and performance, SMGS Year 4/5 teacher, Head of Teaching and Learning and coordinator of the 2019 Junior School Production, Mrs Ashley Pratt said, “It was an incredibly proud moment to see the musical come together. The students poured so much love and energy into their roles, and the final product was really special. I just loved being able to watch every student in our Junior School feature on stage. It was truly magical.”

After the production, we caught up with a few of the Junior School production cast members, here is what they had to say: 

What did you love about being part of the school production?                     

‘I liked skipping down the yellow brick road singing we’re off to see the wizard’, Lillian Brown – Year 4

‘That we got to dance on the stage’, William O’Keeffe – Kindergarten

‘Being a flying monkey and lollipop guild’, Sebastian Ince – Year 1

‘I liked being in front of people and making them happy and seeing them enjoy themselves’, Abi Blyth – Year 4

‘That everybody was involved with the ideas’, Sam Stynes-Garratty – Year 6

‘Bringing on the props’, Harrison Bailey – Year 6

‘Being the Mayor’s friend and saying weird lines and when my jacket falls off’, Alessia Diver – Year 3

What was the most challenging part?

‘Probably not talking while we were waiting for our part’, Lillian Brown – Year 4

‘I had to sing a solo so I had to take lots of deep breaths to settle my nerves before I sang’, Abi Blyth – Year 4

‘When the people clapped and they couldn’t hear us singing’, Sebastian Ince – Year 1

‘Having to get changed quickly’, William O’Keeffe – Kindergarten

‘The singing part and dancing part where all you could see was the blur of black’, Sam Stynes-Garratty – Year 6

‘Knowing what to bring on and when’, Harrison Bailey – Year 6

‘Remembering my lines’, Axel Lyster – Year 3

‘Not talking when it wasn’t my turn and remembering to say my line’, Willow Philpott – Year 3

‘Trying to remember what to do and when to do it’, Angie Burridge – Year 2

Evening Performance Photos – 5 Willows

  Dress Rehearsal Photos – Brooke Darlington