`Mother Nature pulled out all the stops for Day 2 of the ACT & Southern NSW Interschools Snowsports Competiton.

Today, our youngest snowsports competitors joined their teammates on the mountain for some fun in the sun and snow! For our Division 6 Kindergarten students, participating in an interschools snowsports event for the first time marks another major (and unique) milestone in their schooling journey – just in time to celebrate their 100th day at Kindergarten tomorrow.

In addition to some fantastic results and performances from all students, participants should be commended for their effort, team spirit and resilience. It was pleasing to see so many smiling faces on course and the podium.

Director of Activities, Martin Philpott, was proud of our students’ sportsmanship and comradery, saying, “It was a magical day for snowsports competition and racing today. The sun was out, and the snow was great. It was a pleasure to watch Smgs students supporting one another today. From older students helping our younger division 5 and division 6 teams through their course inspections to the always incredible support and encouragement in the older age groups. I may have even heard the school song sung by around 40 div 1 and div 2 SMGS students. It was an exemplary day showing the spirit of our team. Well done everyone!”.

Top individual and team results are as follows: 

Individual Results:

Div 4 Male – Alpine GS
Harrison Moller – 2nd

Div 5 Male – Alpine GS
Archer Henness – 2nd

Div 6 Male – Alpine GS
Curtis Brown – 1st

Div 4 Female – Moguls
Ally Quinn – 2nd

Div 4 Male – Moguls
Benjamin Gannon – 1st

Div 2 Female – Skier Cross
April Wynn – 1st
Letitia Murphy – 2nd

Div 3 Female – Skier Cross
Jesse Paske – tie 2nd
Cassandra Nicholls – tie 2nd

Div 1 Male – Ski Cross
Charles Beaton – 1st
Felix Zylinski – 2nd
Cameron Maclean – 3rd

Div 2 Male – Ski Cross
Joey Steggall – 1st
Ben Wynn – 2nd
Fletcher Thew – 3rd

Div 3 Male – Ski Cross
Angus Kite – 2nd


Div 4 Female – Alpine GS
SMGS A (Ally Quinn, Sam Stynes-Garratty, Matilda Henness, Georgette Philpott)

Div 5 Female – Alpine GS
SMGS A (Alessia Diver, Gretchen Quinn, Addison Hosie, Lillian Brown) – 3rd

Div 6 Female – Alpine GS
SMGS A (Cailynn Moore, Miranda Borthwick-Higgs, Vivienne Sacco, Angelina Burridge)

Div 4 Male – Alpine GS
SMGS A (Harrison Moller, Billy Brown, Jack Lyster, Benjamin Gannon) – 3rd

Div 5 Male – Alpine GS
SMGS A (Blake Nicholls, Archer Henness, Axel Lyster, Will Turner) – 1st

Div 6 Male – Alpine GS
SMGS A (Kaden Gibbons, Curtis Brown, Joseph Pratt, Jack Philpott)

Div 4 Female – Moguls
SMGS A (Ally Quinn, Sam Stynes-Garratty, Matilda Henness) – 2nd

Div 5 Female – Moguls
SMGS A (Lillian Brown, Alessia Diver, Addison Hosie) – 3rd

Div 4 Male – Moguls
SMGS A (Billy Brown, Max Forrest, Benjamin Gannon) – 1st

Div 2 Female – Ski Cross
SMGS A (Letitia Murphy, Charlotte Wilson, Alexandra Fairfield-Smith) – 1st
SMGS B (April Wynn, Sophie Paske) – 2nd

Div 3 Female – Ski Cross
SMGS A (Chloe Chilcott, Jesse Paske, Alize Steggall) – 1st
SMGS B (Cassandra Nicholls, Charlotte Mooney, Lottie Lodge) – 3rd

Div 1 Male – Ski Cross
SMGS A (Charles Beaton, Felix Zylinski, Cameron Maclean) – 1st

Div 2 Male Ski Cross
SMGS A (Ben Wynn, Joey Steggall, Flynn Mooney) – 1st
SMGS B (Spencer Walker-Broose, Fletcher Thew, Hudson Laird) – 2nd

Div 3 Male Ski Cross
SMGS A (Jock Harding, Cassidy Cook, Angus Kite) – 2nd

Regionals Day 2 – Photo Gallery