The Personal Passion Project is an initiative designed for Junior School students that embraces project-based learning and provides the opportunity for students to study an area of personal interest and passion not provided within the realms of the traditional classroom curriculum. Participating students in Years 4 – 6 have been encouraged to develop their own unique project in any areaof personal interest. They have worked independently and conscientiously throughout Terms 2 and 3 learning to enhance their skills, set small achievable goals, manage their time and resources effectively, and to pursue their passion!

Their diligent efforts are clearly evident with the impressive projects being assembled in preparation for the presentation afternoon in Week 10.

Some of these projects include:

Max Forrest – a programmable robot that pours drinks
Abigail Blyth – a research project on the black cockatoo
Aiden Moore – a feasibility study into the extension of a railway line to Jindabyne
Tristan Scott – the construction of a Tech Deck skate park
Georgette Philpott – the construction of a model of the Eiffel Tower
Alex Hearn – the construction of a robotic arm
Poppy Bressington – a sculpture of a dancer and a study of different styles of dance.