The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) has developed an evidence-based certificate program in Mathematics and Reading.  This enrichment program aims to challenge higher performing students to set goals for their own achievement, reinforce a growth mindset and foster a self-directed learning approach. The ACER Certificate Program is internationally recognised and provides five certificate levels. Each certificate level has a series of detailed and explicit learning activities which students progress through at their own pace.  When students feel that they have mastered the material in each certificate level, they sit the graded assessment under examination conditions. Students are provided with a certificate and badge upon completion of each certificate level, along with a detailed report of their learning. These certificates will be presented at school and will be posted on the ACER website for students to access when making applications for higher educational opportunities. Commencing this term, twelve Year 7 students have embarked upon a trial of the ACER Certificate Program in both Reading and Mathematics. The aim is to introduce this extension program to students from Years 5 to 10 in 2020. Stay tuned for updates on their progress!