After five days of tackling challenging conditions at the 2019 Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships, SMGS proudly took the top step of the podium as the 2019 Australian National Co-Ed Secondary Champions.

This year’s event certainly provided ample opportunity for competitors to put their resilience to the test and we are proud to say that everyone passed with flying colours as they smiled through five days of low visibility, rain, sleet and snow.

Of our students’ participation at Mt Buller, SMGS Director of Activities, Martin Philpott, said, “Congratulations to all our students, who raced their hearts out, supported each other and their competitors through the adverse conditions. Your positivity and resilience were exemplary!”

The end of Nationals also signals the final Interschools Snowsports events for many of our Year 12 students. This year, SMGS bids farewell to the following students: Alexander Woolley, Campbell Oatley, Charles Beaton, Eve Donnelly, Jack Herrmann, Jack Machin, Jamie Mawkes, Lucinda Joyce and Ambrose Hansen. We thank each of these students for their leadership and commitment to our snowsports community and we wish them all well in their future endeavours!

SMGS Principal Dr Andrew Bell was proud of our students’ participation in this year’s event and acknowledged the amount of time, preparation and energy invested, from both participants and the Australian snowsports community, and on which the success of these major events relies. Dr Bell said, “Congratulations to all our students who participated at Mt Buller last week. Many personal bests were achieved, memories made and friendships formed. While there were many medals earned over the five-day event, many more should be awarded to the people and organisations who help to make these amazing opportunities possible for our students – our staff, parents, volunteers, marshalls, event organisers, coaches and resorts. Thank you!”

SMGS’ individual and team podium results were as follows:


Div 1 Boys Relay – 2nd– Sam Bylett, Spencer Walker-Broose, Jack Hirst
Div 3 Girls Relay – 3rd– Mia Polese, Piper Harding, Jesse Paske


Div 2 Girls – Letitia Murphy – 1st
Div 2 Girls team – 1st– Letitia Murphy, April Wynn, Charlotte Wilson, Isabella Logan
Div 2 Boys – Ben Wynn – 1st
Div 2 Boys – Joey Steggall – 3rd
Div 2 Boys team – 1st– Ben Wynn, Joey Steggall, Fletcher Thew, Tim Allsop
Div 4 Boys – Harrison Moller – 2nd
Div 4 Boys team – 3rd– Harrison Moller, Billy Brown, Benjamin Gannon, Oscar Ingle
Div 5 Boys – Archer Henness – 3rd
Div 6 Boys team – 1st– Reid Armstrong, Jack Philpott, Kaden Gibbons, Curtis Brown

Div 2 Girls – Charlotte Wilson – 2nd
Div 2 Girls – Lucy Pernice – 3rd
Div 2 Girls team – 1st– Charlotte Wilson, Lucy Pernice, Hannah Jones
Div 3 Girls – Lottie Lodge – 2nd
Div 3 Girls team – 1st– Lottie Lodge, Piper Harding, Chloe Chilcott
Div 3 Boys team – 3rd– Angus Kite, Jock Harding, Charles Deacon
Div 4 Girls – Ally Quinn – 2nd
Div 4 Girls team – 2nd– Ally Quinn, Matilda Henness, Sam Stynes-Garratty
Div 4 Boys team – 3rd – Benjamin Gannon, Billy Brown, Max Forrest

Ski Cross

Div 2 Girls – Letitia Murphy – 2nd
Div 2 Girls team – 1st– Letitia Murphy, April Wynn, Charlotte Wilson
Div 2 Boys team – 2nd– Joey Steggall, Fletcher Thew, Ben Wynn
Div 3 Girls team – 3rd– Cassandra Nicholls, Alize Steggall, Jesse Paske
Div 4 Boys – Harrison Moller – 3rd
Div 6 Boys – Kaden Gibbons – 2nd
Div 6 Boys – 1st– Kaden Gibbons, Jack Philpott, Reid Armstrong

Snowboard GS

Div 1 Girls team – 1st– Jamie Mawkes, Eve Donnelly, Lucinda Joyce
Div 3 Girls team – 3rd– Alize Steggall, Abbey Wilson, Ruby Smith
Div 4 Girls team – 2nd– Olivia Roche, Sam Stynes-Garratty, Ally Quinn

Snowboard Cross

Div 1 Girls team – 1st– Jamie Mawkes, Eve Donnelly, Lucinda Joyce
Div 1 Male – 3rd– Lucas Gordon
Div 1 Male team – 2nd– Jack Machin, Campbell Oatley, Shay Harper
Div 3 Girls – Ruby Smith – 3rd
Div 3 Girls – 2nd– Abbey Wilson, Ruby Smith, Alize Steggall

Slopestyle Ski

Div 1 Girls – Eve Donnelly – 1st
Div 1 Boys – Charles Beaton – 1st
Div 2 Girls – Lucy Pernice – 2nd
Div 2 Girls – Hannah Jones – 3rd
Div 2 Boys – Angus Falconer – 1st
Div 3 Girls – Piper Harding – 2nd
Div 3 Boys – Jock Harding – 1st

Slopestyle Snowboard

Div 1 Girls – Jamie Mawkes – 2nd
Div 1 Male – Shay Harper – 2nd

The full results can be viewed here: