Snowy Mountains Grammar School (SMGS) offers an educational opportunity like no other in Australia. Located in the NSW Snowy Mountains, with some of the nation’s best and largest ski fields on our doorstep, our students have unsurpassed opportunities to immerse themselves in snowsports. SMGS students participate in a variety of alpine, cross-country and snowboard programs, in a school environment which is supported by dedicated teachers.

On Wednesday 19th September, the SMGS Snowsports community gathered in the Snowy Shed to celebrate the end of a spectacular 2019 snowsports competition season.

SMGS Sport Co-Captains, Anastasia Bradshaw and Charles Beaton, were the MC’s for the evening and provided the following summary of participation and notable results achieved during the 2019 season:

Interschools Participation

  • At the Regional Interschools Snowsports Championships, 156 SMGS students competed. This represents over 50% of the students in our school. Well done!
  • At the State Interschools Snowsports Championships, 135 SMGS students competed.
  • At the National Interschools Snowsports Championships in Mt Buller, 98 SMGS students competed.This represents over 1/3 of the school. This team included:
    • 232 separate race entries – our most ever
    • 102 teams
    • 5 students participated in 5 events each, and
    • 1 student participated in 6 events.
  • The National Interschools results included 21 team medal podiums and 21 individual medal podiums. Our total point score of 215 allowed SMGS to bring home the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships Trophy – Co-educational Secondary Champions.

ASSSTCs Participation

SMGS also had success at the ASSSTCs championship, achieving:

  • 1st place in Snowboard
  • 1st place in Alpine
  • A new shovel, used to dig the cars out!!!

Amelia McGuiness Event Participation

The SMGS Snowsports Team also participated in the 2019 Amelia McGuiness Events. 2019 marked the 10thanniversary of Amelia’s passing and we were pleased to be involved in the Amelia McGuiness XC Sprints and the Amelia McGuiness Memorial Time Trials in Alpine GS, Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross.

The support for this event from the SMGS community is outstanding. This year SMGS was awarded:

  • The Amelia McGuiness Primary School Participation Trophy
  • The Amelia McGuiness Secondary School Participation Trophy

Wednesday Snowsports Program

The 2019 SMGS Wednesday Snowsports program was again a great success. The program aims to allow the students the right balance of skill development and fun, social on-snow time. This year we were able to provide a program for 89 SMGS students at Perisher and 83 SMGS students at Thredbo.

Boarding House Weekend Program

SMGS also ran a Weekend Snowsports Program for the students in the boarding house. This allows our boarding students the opportunity to ski and snowboard at Perisher for their social Saturday and Sunday snow time. This year we supported 25 students in this program.

ESA Program

Now in its fourth year, the 2019 Elite Snowsports Academy program included 31 students across 5 disciplines.


Encouragement Awards

The SMGS Wednesday program gives all students the opportunity to have access to quality training and the wonderful experience of our local winter wonderland at both Perisher and Thredbo. We understand that this journey is not always easy and can be daunting for some students.

Perisher Encouragement Award – presented by Mick Rowson

Recipient – Lawson Bell, Year 9

About the recipient:
Lawson always displays a positive attitude and is respectful towards students, staff and members of the public.

Thredbo Encouragement Award – presented by Adam Hosie

Recipients: Poppy Witherdin from the K-4 program and Joshua May from the Year 5-11 program.

About the recipients:

Both of these students attend each week with a smile on their faces. Their skills have progressed and they have displayed a positive attitude at all times on snow. They have shown excellent listening skills and have carefully followed instructions.

SMGS National Team Membership Certificates

The first certificates to be presented were those for National Team membership. The certificates were presented by Anastasia Bradshaw and Charles Beaton.

Division 6

Reid Armstrong, Curtis Brown, Angelina Burridge, Kaden Gibbons, Max Glasson, Henry Lidster, Madeline Lloyd, Cailynn Moore, Jack Philpott, James Pratt, Joseph Pratt, Sophia Shea

Division 5

Lillian Brown, Logan Cuss, Alessia Diver, Isla Caddy-Gammell, Archer Henness, Addison Hosie, Samuel Lloyd, Axel Lyster, Blake NichollsGretchen Quinn, Will Turner

Division 4

William Brown, Cooper Cuss, Max Forrest, Benjamin Gannon, Matilda Henness, Oki Ingle, Will McKay, Harrison Moller, Georgette Philpott, Alexandria Quinn, Olivia Roche,  Samantha Stynes-Garratty

Division 3

Chloe Chilcott, Beau Caddy-Gammell, Jessica Dawson, Charles Deacon, Rennie Falconer, Gabriella Forman, Jock Harding, Piper Harding, Angus Kite, Lottie Lodge, Anika Moller, Charlotte Mooney, Cassandra Nicholls, Jesse Paske, Jude Pincus, Mia Polese, Bella Rose Rotonda, Ruby Smith, Alize Steggall, Abbey Wilson

Division 2

Tim Allsop, Kalob Blyth, Mia Chawner, Zac Corcoran, Jessica Dickson, Angus Falconer, Memphis Forrest, Jobe Gentle, James Gianoutsos, Jack Hirst, Hannah Jones, Hudson Laird, Isabella Logan, Hannah McKay, Flynn Mooney, Letitia Murphy, Kesha Oayda, Sophie Paske, Lucy Pernice, Joey Steggall, Daniel Ternes-Dixon, Fletcher Thew, Callum Vass, Spencer Walker-Broose, Charlotte Wilson, April Wynn, Benjamin Wynn

Division 1:

Charles Beaton, Casey Buckley, Samuel Bylett, Eve Donnelly, Jack Fairfield-Smith, Max Garling, Lucas Gordon, Shay Harper, Jack Herrmann, Lucinda Joyce, Jack Machin, Cameron Maclean, Jamie Mawkes, Campbell Oatley, Alexander Woolley, Felix Zylinski.

SMGS Commitment to Interschools 2019 Awards

The next awards to be presented were for those in Year 12 who were invited to Nationals and who have represented our school with distinction. The National Championships saw us bid farewell to these Year 12 students. Accompanied by a slideshow of them in their early years of snowsports participation and presented by the Division 6 athletes, the 2019 SMGS Commitment to Interschools medals were presented to:

Charles Beaton, Eve Donnelly, Ambrose Hansen, Jack Herrmann, Lucinda Joyce, Jack Machin, Jamie Mawkes, Campbell Oatley, Alexander Woolley.

New Traditions!

A new tradition was started this year, where all Year 12s who have represented our school were invited to sign the bottom of the Australian Interschools Co-educational Championship Trophy.

Interschools All Rounder Awards

These awards are presented to Interschools team members who participated in five or more events at National level.

The SMGS Interschools All Round Performance 2019 Medal Recipients :

Alexandria Quinn – 5 events
Eve Donnelly – 5 events
Jesse Paske – 5 events
Samantha Stynes-Garratty – 5 events
Billy Brown – 5 events
Charles Beaton – 6 events

ESA Awards

ESA Program Awards

The ESA Program Awards were presented by the ESA Co-ordinator, Annabel Elliot.

Annabel’s overview of the ESA season was as follows:

Now in its fourth year, the ESA is a twelve-week program open to those with an elite mindset; students who set themselves goals, work hard to achieve them and embody the values of Snowy Mountains Grammar School; students who want to enjoy the benefits of full-time on-snow training programs while not sacrificing their academics and wellbeing. The students work incredibly hard throughout the season and have very little time to themselves. If they’re not on snow, they’re in school, in an extra strength and conditioning session, working independently catching up on missed classes and assessment tasks or travelling to and from competitions and training. That brings me onto the incredible numbers that demonstrate our 2019 season. We have had thirty-two students on the 2019 program across six disciplines. They have represented SMGS and the ESA in more than thirty events over fifty competition days and, in the majority of events they entered, the ESA achieved a podium result.

Two-thirds of students in the program represented SMGS at Nationals.

In the ESA, students have travelled thousands of kilometres to both training and competitions and have spent sixty-five days each on average training on snow this winter. On top of this on-snow commitment, ESA students have managed to maintain their academic efforts despite attending, in many cases, less than two full days of school a week. I am incredibly proud of all of our ESA participants for smiling through the early mornings, the rain, the powder days and the bluebirds. I hope everyone has achieved something from this season and will take away with them a better understanding of themselves and their ability and skills they never thought they possessed or could master. I must of course mention our parents, who have supported this program throughout what is probably one of the most challenging times of the students’ life so far, and all the staff here at SMGS. Many of our students have come here to boarding school for the first time and have managed to fit in so well it’s like they were always here. I’m so excited to welcome some of our program participants who have loved it so much they are staying! It will be an absolute pleasure to have you as a part of our school community long-term. For those of you not staying, I hope to welcome you back for another winter in 2020. 

ESA certificates were presented to the following ESA students:

Zac Brown, Mia Chawner, Angus Cookman, Jessica Dawson, India Ellis, Angus Falconer, Max Garling, James Gianoutsos, Shay Harper, Jack Hirst, Tom Huntsman, Hannah Jones, Nick Kargas, Isabella Logan, Lachlan Mitchell-Biggs, Charlotte Mooney, Flynn Mooney, Chantelle Pepper, Lucy Pernice, Jude Pincus, Mia Polese, Andreas Rigby, Ruby Smith, Takara Smith, Alize Steggall, Joey Steggall,  Callum Vass, Abbey Wilson, Charlotte Wilson, Oscar Wright, April Wynn, Ben Wynn.

SMGS 2019 ESA Team – Drive to Succeed Medal

Recipient – Angus Falconer

About the recipient:

  • They have demonstrated great organisational skills during the term
  • They have shown very strong dedication and enthusiasm towards all aspects of on-snow training and competition
  • They have excelled in their schoolwork
  • They have had some fantastic results in on-snow competitions.

SMGS 2019 ESA Team – Teamwork and Attitude Medal

Recipient – Lucy Pernice

About the recipient:

Always positive and polite, always displays a positive attitude throughout the entire ESA training program, even with the early morning starts!

  • They are punctual, diligent and helpful to all ESA athletes and staff
  • Always displayed strong leadership skills
  • They are a consistent contributor and a role model in the program and wider school community.

Congratulations to all the 2019 ESA Team. 

Expressions of interest are now open for the ESA 2020 program and we are excited that we will be supporting Thredbo next year both for the Mountain Academy and Mountain Academy Elite programs, as well as maintaining our relationship with the PWSC. There are more details and an ‘expression of interest’ form on our website, or you can email me directly ( if you have any questions.

Australian Secondary Schools Snowsports Team Championships Medals

The ASSSTCs competition gives participants the opportunity to perform in a team environment where skills in the various disciplines of alpine, cross-country and snowboarding are required. ASSSTCs is unique as far as ski competitions go, as there are no individual winners; instead, each participant contributes points to the team result.

The event is also one of the oldest school snowsport competitions in Australia.

The ASSSTC team medals were awarded to:

Olivia Burke, Kalob Blyth, Annabel Cusack, Rennie Falconer, Jobe Gentle, Jock Harding, Jack Hirst, Bella Logan, Hannah McKay, Flynn Mooney, Letitia Murphy, Sophie Paske, Mia Polese, Fletcher Thew, Spencer Walker-Broose, Charlotte Wilson.

Best in discipline Shield Awards

These awards go to athletes who have competed at the highest level during the season. Results are considered from school events, FIS events, Children’s Cup, sponsored events in open and age group competitions.

Best Alpine Skier – Letitia Murphy

Redlands Cup – 1st – Div 2 and Overall Fastest Girl
Interschools Regionals

  • 1stGS, 1st Team GS, 2nd Ski X, 1st Team Ski X

Interschools State

  • 2ndGS, 2nd Team GS,
  • 4thSki X, 2nd Team Ski X,
  • 16thMoguls,
  • 8thXC Freestyle, 2nd Team XC Relay

Australian Interschools

  • 1stGS, 1st Team GS,
  • 2ndSki x, 1st Team Ski X

Thredbo Junior Interclub – First
Blue Cow Cup

  • 1st Parallel Slalom
  • 1st Ski X

SSA National Alpine Children’s Carnival (Falls Creek)

  • Overall Alpine Winner U16 Women’s with 4 podiums
  • Highest World Cup point scorer in Alpine and therefore SSA National Alpine Champion.

TSRC Cup (Thredbo Cup)

  • 1stin GS
  • 2nd in SL
  • Overall Winner (Tie) Thredbo Cup
  • Thredbo Ski Race Cup – U16 Age Champion for the season

USSA Intermountain Division Qualifiers

  • Wes Barron Series – Jackson Hole: SG 12th
  • Snowbird Qualifier: GS 13th
  • Trudi Bolinder SG Series – Bogus Basin : SG 12th
  • Laura Flood Memorial – Sun Valley: GS 4thand GS 5th
  • USSA Western Region Championships – Sun Valley: SG 11th, SL 13th.

Best Freestyle (Moguls) – Charlotte Wilson

Interschools Regionals 

  • 1st Moguls team gold Regionals

Interschools State

  • 2nd State Moguls team gold

Australian interschools

  • 2nd Nationals Moguls team gold
  • team gold Nationals Skiercross
  • team gold Nationals Alpine

Australian National Championships

  • 17th and 24th

Junior series  Perisher

  • 3rd

ABOM 13th</sup
And participated in the 2019 ESA program

Best Snowboarder: Shared –  Abbey Wilson and Ruby Smith

Abbey Wilson

Interschools Regionals

  • 1stin Boarder Cross at Regionals, 1st as a team in Boarder Cross
  • 1stin GS at Regionals, 1st as a team in GS

Interschools State

  • 2ndin GS at State
  • 1stin Boarder Cross

Australian Interschools

  • 10thindividually in GS at Nationals, 3rd as a team in GS
  • 2ndas a team in Boarder Cross

2nd at Hotham in Girls’ Grom
1st at Thredbo Rider cross
1st at Thredbo Banked Slalom

Australian Junior Freeride Championships

  • Qualified 1stand placed 5th in Australian Junior Freeride Championships 

And participated in the 2019 ESA program

Best Snowboarder: Shared –  Abbey Wilson and Ruby Smith

Ruby Smith

2nd in Redlands Cup
1st in Amelia McGuiness

Interschools Regionals

  • 2nd SBX,
  • 3rd GS

Interschools State

  • 3rd SBX
  • 5th GS

Australian Interschools

  • 3rd in SBX,
  • 17th in Snowboard GS

5th at Thredbo Rider cross
6th at Thredbo Banked Slalom Girls’ Grom
4th at Hotham in Girls’ Grom SBX finals
2nd SBX at Perisher Australian Junior Freeride Championships
3rd at Hotham ANC race
And participated in the 2019 ESA program

The Geoff Greentree Slopestyle Award for Best Slopestyle (presented by Geoff Greentree): Charles Beaton

Interschools Regionals

  • 2nd Alpine individual, 1st Team
  • 1st Ski X individual, 1st Team
  • 1st Moguls individual, 1st Team

Interschools State

  • 1st Ski X, 1st Team
  • 2nd Moguls, 1st Team
  • 1st Slopestyle,

Australian Interschools

  • 5th Moguls
  • 4th Ski X
  • 1st Slopestyle

3rd Thredbo Snow Series Rail Jam
1st Thredbo Snow Series Ridercross
Competed in a FIS Big Air competition in Perisher
Competed in spring battle filming edit competition
Competed in 2 Europa cups in Italy
Invited and competed in junior worlds in Sweden, Slopestyle and Big Air
Scholarship at NSWIS

Best Cross Country Skier: Samuel Bylett

Samuel Bylett

Interschools State

  • 3rd Cross Country Freestyle
  • 3rd Team relay

Australian Interschools

  • 8th Classic and Team Gold

8th Australian XC Juniors Classic 

5th Kangaroo Hoppet Joey U18

Perpetual Shields

The Bentley and Talia Major Award for Outstanding Interschool Performance – Presented by Dr Andrew Bell

This award has been presented by the Major family to recognise an outstanding contribution to SMGS Interschools performances.  Bentley and Talia contributed an enormous amount to our Interschool teams in their times here at the school and Talia still holds the amazing record of a podium finish at Nationals in all seven disciplines. 

This award went to a student that has contributed an enormous amount to their Interschool teams.

The winner of The Bentley and Talia Major Award for outstanding Interschool Performance for 2019 is Charles Beaton (competed in 6 events at Nationals)

The Coates Family Trophy for Junior Snowsports – Presented by Matilda Coates

This award has been donated by Theo and Matilda Coates, both of whom are well known as successful snowsports athletes.

This award is presented to a junior member of the Snowsports team who has shown development in their sport. A young athlete who has been committed to their team and shown excellent sportsmanship, giving their best at all times both academically and on snow.

The winner for The Coates Family Trophy 2019 is: William Brown

The Sue West Award for Outstanding Interschool Performance by a Junior School Student – presented by Matilda Coates

Mrs Sue West has been involved in Interschools Snowsports for over 30 years, at Monaro High, St Pat’s Cooma and SMGS. She has been a senior official at Interschools races for a number of years.

This award goes to a Junior School student who has performed at a high level in a range of disciplines at Interschools Snowsports Championships during the year.

The very deserving winner of The Sue West Award for 2019 is: Ally Quinn

The Kable Family Trophy for Snow Sports Athlete of the Year – Presented by Dr Andrew Bell

This award is for sportsmanship and team performance at Interschools.  The award is presented to a student who has exhibited dedication to their teams at all levels of competition, reliably participating, supporting other team members, giving of their best at all times, in all conditions and at all levels of achievement over a period of years.  They have offered peer support and assistance to the Head of Snowsports.  They consistently wear correct school uniform and personify the true definition of sportsmanship.

The winner for The Kable Family Trophy 2019 is: Eve Donnelly

Our successful snowsports season would not be possible without the support, encouragement, enthusiasm and organisation from our school and wider community.

A massive thank you to the following people:

  • Wednesday Snowsports staff and the teachers in charge: Emma Smith at Thredbo and Ben O’Brien at Perisher
  • ESA Co-ordinator Annabel Elliot
  • ESA Supervisors: Andrew Heath, Thomas Hodges and Hayden Lawn
  • Interschools Snowsports staff, for all your help collecting bibs and standing in the rain!
  • Snowsports committee: Rob Dickson, Dr Andrew Bell, Martin Philpott
  • Director of Activities, Martin Philpott
  • Parents
  • and last, but not least, all the SMGS students.

Expressions of interested for our 2020 Elite Snowpsorts Academy are now open!

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