Classrooms today are rapidly changing to adapt to different styles of learning for a more personalised approach. At Snowy Mountains Grammar School, we are progressively designing our learning spaces to be more considered for all types of learners and learning experiences, across a broad range of subject areas and age groups. The Junior School classrooms were built to maximise the natural light. The tables, chairs and ground level soft spaces are agile and dynamic, to support the learning styles of our youngest learners and stimulate learning opportunities.

Connection of our indoor and outdoor spaces has been thoroughly considered with outdoor work benches, gardens, greenery, café style tables with umbrellas and more ground level soft furnishings.

In synergy, these spaces allow for increased collaboration, connection and inclusion, focused work and creativity.

At recess, lunch and PE, students have room to move on our schools oval, playground and “Eat Street”. We have a calm playground environment where students are engaged in games and are encouraged to explore their environment.

This Term, we have also turned our attention to our outdoor play spaces where students can run, jump, bound and further develop their gross motor skills. Room to move and play outside assists in the development of cognitive learning, core muscle strength, focus in the classroom and hand-eye coordination. 

It is with this in mind that we are very excited to announce the development of an Adventure Playground for our Junior School students similar to that found at Lake Crackenback Resort.

The playground will be constructed on the oval surrounds beyond the grassed area, there will be a series of purposeful challenges which are great fun. This work, involving a specialist landscape architect (and parent), is scheduled to be ready for Term 1 next year and will utilise the hillside elevations without encroaching on the valuable oval space.

Keep an eye on our social media pages and website for further updates on the progress of this much-anticipated addition to our green-space offering!