Snowy Mountains Grammar School is excited to announce the nomination of the HSC Drama Group Presentation, ‘We Are (What We) Hear’, for the 2020 showcase, OnSTAGE.

“Through enormous amounts of time, effort and dedication we produced a piece that we are all proud of. Our intention was to bring an awareness to audiences of just how easily each of us, as individual members of society, can be influenced by surrounding factors in our lives such as peer pressure, religion, the media and our parents. We addressed the spread of racism and how it has continued to be ingrained throughout Australian communities, dividing us as a nation.

This group piece gave the perspectives of four characters, as they grew from young children to teenagers and into their adult years. One moment that was most effective was when these perspectives were harshly juxtaposed when exploring the gut-wrenching reality of the lives of war-torn refugees who seek asylum. We portrayed this through a harrowing movement piece using soundscapes aboard a crowded but tiny boat. Touching on Australia’s ongoing treatment of our Indigenous people as well, verbatim theatre was a major influence when writing this authentic piece. We took word for word quotes from our own local community and national politicians. This made the performance that much more confronting.

Being nominated for the 2020 OnSTAGE showcase was very exciting and we were honoured as this places us amongst the top of the state for Group Presentations. While we were proud that our hours of research and challenges of rehearsals has paid off, our success is greatly contributed to by our well-accomplished Drama teacher, Mrs Batson who guided us through the entire process and taught us many life lessons along the way. Thank you Mrs Batson for your tireless, consistent dedication and encouragement.”

Ambrose Hansen, Yr 12 Drama student 2019

photos: 5 Willows