The Junior School Eat Street was filled with the sounds of excitement and laughter on Thursday lunchtime as the Kidpreneur Carnival was launched. The theme for the Kidpreneur Program in Term 4 focused on the creation of a ‘sideshow alley’ style of a carnival. Participants from Years 4 to 6 were tasked with designing, creating advertising and delivering their unique activity within the parameters of the theme. They needed to consider age suitability, safety, engagement, profitability, advertising, prizes and the enjoyment factor for their potential clients. The variety and quality of events were incredible, given the age and experience of our young business entrepreneurs. The activities included: a haunted house, magic show, chocolate wheel, gumboot throwing, putt-putt, teacher sponge throw, bottle toss, duck fishing, sock wrestling competition, skittles, quoits, sports competitions, balloon animals, sandpit hunt and more! All had a wonderful time. In the final week of the term, the participants will undergo a PMI for their event and calculate their profit or loss statement.