Our Junior School students have been outstanding in the manner in which they have started the year.  This term we have observed many instances when they have demonstrated that they are kind and caring to one another.  We are pleased the students at our school embrace the school’s climate of friendship and acceptance where we treat one another with dignity and respect and as a result uphold our school values of Courage, Authenticity, Respect and Empathy.

This has been supported by the relaunch of Bounce Back for 2020. Bounce Back is our social and emotional learning program that supports the development of resilience, bouncing back after setbacks, how not to over worry about a problem and to look for the good things in any situation. These life skills will take a solid 24 months to embed into our school culture. We are encouraging the use of the acronym for Bounce Back that serves as a reminder for students and exposes them to the language we would like them to understand.

For the Bounce Back launch on Tuesday 18 March, students spent an afternoon rotating though 4 activities in groups of K-6. During each activity our older students clearly supported our younger students and ensured they knew what to do and were engaged in the activities. Each station focused on a skill that supported social and emotional development.