On Tuesday afternoon, our students in the Academy of Innovation Program joined a presentation in their Virtual Campus via Zoom with Mr Jack Redfern. Mr Redfern is a registered Australian and New Zealand patent attorney with just on 30 years experience in that industry. He has worked with an extensive range of clients from individuals to multinational companies to assist them in commercial technology. Mr Redfern’s primary focus has been the development and management of patent portfolios in Australia and many other countries in the electrical and computer-implemented invention fields. He also has experience with other forms of intellectual property (IP) such as trademarks, registered designs, copyright, know-how and confidential information. Our lucky students experienced a client consultation meeting with Mr Redfern, where they pitched their innovation projects to him to receive some feedback and guidance. This opportunity helped consolidate the real-world aspect of the work that they are undertaking and allowed them to understand better, the considerations of bringing a product or service to market. The session also included Mr Redfern screen sharing examples of regular day-to-day products such as the paper clip and explaining how these are defined and protected in the marketplace. There were many questions asked and to receive industry guidance was an invaluable experience for them all. Thank you, Mr Redfern, for taking the time to offer your expertise and knowledge to our very fortunate Academy of Innovation students.