It has been an exciting and unusual return to school for all in the SMGS community. Each day we have been encouraged by more understanding of what we are facing with the novel coronavirus. We are certainly witness to a once-in-a-generation disruption to our way of life. This moment in time will be remembered by all. Each day brings more changes to our lives and it has been complicated to keep up with all that is happening in this space. Words like ‘agile’, ‘flexible’ and ‘pivoting’ have been essential elements to our approach. We do appreciate your support and assistance. We also understand there will be glitches and issues along the way and we encourage parents and students to let us know quickly when these happen so we can address them.

At the end of Term 1, concerns were being raised about the impact this pandemic would have on our young people. Would their education be damaged? What would the implications be for their learning? Their successes? How would this hurt them? What is becoming apparent to most, and certainly to our teachers, is how resilient and optimistic our community is. I wanted to write this week about some of the things we have learnt through the Virtual Campus:

  1. We have a tremendous community and our doctors and health professionals are amazing.
  2. Our young people are resilient and hard-working. They care about each other and their own learning.
  3. We need to trust they will get their work done. Some are flourishing with the independence.
  4. We have gained new technology skills and platforms to use.
  5. Working from home can be fun. You get to sleep in. Wearing shoes is optional.
  6. We can slow down and enjoy spending time at home with our families.
  7. Baking and learning to cook has become a wonderful skill for our young people.
  8. We can reimagine our community in the virtual world. Some things can change.
  9. We have remembered what it’s like to look after our community. To check in on our neighbours.
  10. The outdoors provides a magnificent place to learn.
  11. Some students and staff have begun to find time to get (or stay) fit.
  12. We have seen an increase in help-seeking from our students.
  13. Problem-solving has increased – all students have had to learn how to solve their life problems.
  14. Distractions online are not such a problem – there’s always the mute button, or we can turn off the video.

It has been an interesting forced ‘reset’ on our lifestyle, our values, attitudes and, of course, on the way we learn. I am hoping that we can reflect on what has been a success and maintain that as we move back on campus. Maybe it is the organisation, the workspace, the family time spent together, completing odd jobs or learning a new skill. It might be as simple as practising some gratitude or breathing to remain calm. Whatever the positives are from this historical moment that we can take with us out of isolation and into our world, let’s commit to keep them going!

We have enjoyed welcoming our students and staff back on campus over the past two weeks. We have really missed you all and it’s been so quiet without you.

We are looking forward to seeing the campus come back to full capacity for Monday 1 June in their winter uniforms.


Enrolments are now open for all years, Kindergarten to Year 12.

The choice of a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. We would be pleased to assist you in any way we can.

While our school is fully open and operational, we will continue with our virtual enrolment process for a little while longer. 

We warmly invite you to take a virtual tour of our learning environment by clicking on video link.

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