This week, our K-6 students were immersed in a service learning experience- ‘Life in Antarctica’. Our Junior School contributed to fundraising for the Mawson’s Hut Foundation by purchasing wooden Adelie Penguins. 1000’s of wooden Adelie Penguins will be painted by children around the world and displayed at the Festival of Mawson’s Hut. The painted penguins will be sent to Hobart and held in preparation for the penguin rookery display at the Festival Program when it reopens after COVID. Students spent last week learning about Antarctic explorers, Shackleton and Mawson and the environment of Antarctica and they were totally immersed in this adventurous topic and were amazed to see footage of Mawson’s hut and understand the story of the Antarctic Explorers in our history. Students also gained knowledge of the purpose of important research that is currently undertaken in Antarctica.