Science Week was jam-packed full of excitement! The theme this year was Deep Blue. Year 6 engaged in the engineering process, creating prototypes that could clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Students planned and built, tested and modified their designs to meet the engineering brief. Yr 6 pics

Class 2/3 further explored Antarctica and the Ross Sea, which is a protected marine park off the coast of Antarctica. There are 95 species of marine life in the Ross Sea and it is nutrient rich because of the plentiful plankton. Students built a wall display representing the Ross Sea.

Science Week continued with all students being invited to enter the Snowy Hydro Engineering competition, where students can design a power station of the future. We had our very own engineer, Dr Adam Lloyd, speak to our Years 2 to 5 students about design concepts. We will also be Zoom meeting with two Snowy Hydro engineers to further inspire our students in their design challenge.

Year 3/4 have been using SAM LABS STEM technology in a range of engaging STEM lessons. For Science Week they have been exploring the theme of environmental sustainability and worked in collaborative groups to create a recycling system using SAM LABS equipment.

Year 5 have explored inventions which are saving the world. We learnt about the ’Seabin’ which is being used to clear pollution from the surface of the ocean. Groups of students worked collaboratively to think of a problem in our oceans and waterways, design an innovative solution and build a prototype.