It is with great pleasure that we announce the SMGS 2020/2021 School Leadership Team. The Investiture Ceremony, held on Monday, 19 October, and live-streamed for family members, saw all Year 12 students, prefects and incoming school captains receive their badges.

Leading the SMGS student body in 2021 are the following exceptional young men and women:

School Captains: Brooke Burns and Samuel Rumball

Academic Captain: Kahli Henley

Junior School Captain: Rhianna Blyth

Sports Captains: Olivia Burke and Benjamin Wynn

Arts Captain: Matthew Hansen

Boarding Captain: Isaac O’Flynn

House Captains

Twynam: Zac Corcoran

Kiandra: Daniel Ternes-Dixon

Mowamba: Jessica Dickson

Cascades: Alex McMahon.

In closing his inspiring address to the incoming Year 12 cohort, Principal, Dr Andrew Bell, said, “… thus, my message to you, as you embark on your final year of school … and begin to close the last chapter on what will have been a thirteen-year schooling experience is …

  • Be the best version of yourself, do not try to copy others or bow to their negative peer pressures, look towards and surround yourself with those who support you too … as you are.
  • Support others in turn in small ways and, if opportunities allow, in bigger ways if you can.
  • Have gratitude for your circumstances … we are most fortunate in this regard. Make something of the advantage we all have compared to so many around the world.
  • Wonder what else might be possible for yourself – consider the exciting prospects that lay ahead, especially if you are prepared to work for them and make them happen.
  • Realise you have more strength than you’ve ever considered to this point, and at some point you may see that come to life.
  • You can make a difference in your current circumstances and in your future ones. As staff, we are excited to learn what that will be and to support you in that journey.

Year 12, we are here with you, your partners in this educative experience, just as your parents are too in many other ways as your family. We wish you well and look forward to your leadership in 2020/2021.”

Congratulations and good luck to the class of 2021.

Read the School Captain welcome HERE.