Side Project is SMGS inaugural Youth Short Film Festival. It is an event that has been designed for SMGS students in Years 7-10 to express their creative side as digital content creators.

The increase in digital social platforms for people to share their stories continues to develop and has become the ‘go-to’ space for students of this age demographic to digitally communicate. The role of a content creator has changed dramatically with the continual development of social media becoming part of the fabric of our society. Content creation has diversified well beyond the traditional realms of film and television. As such, it is relevant and arguably important for our students to have opportunities to become well versed in being content creators themselves as it is increasingly becoming a mainstream skill that is highly transferrable to any/all entrepreneurial pursuits and modern workspaces.

Creating digital content has never been easier to do. Smart phones are exceptionally capable of capturing cinematic footage and a wide range of free video editing software is intuitive and feature packed. In order to cater to as wide a range of interests as possible we have created 5 categories of film, being:

  1. Action – outdoor pursuits and action enthusiasts (4 minutes maximum)
  2. Awareness – social, cultural, personal stories (4 minutes maximum)
  3. Artistic Expression – music, dance, animation, nature and objects as art (3 minutes maximum)
  4. Drama – traditional short film story telling (7 minutes maximum)
  5. Flight – drone only footage (3 minutes maximum)

Students have the opportunity to win $50 for each category and the overall winner will be judged by our ambassadors of the festival, Adam Kroenert (Alumni) and Lucas Wilkinson, who are both accomplished content creators. The overall winner will receive a smartphone gimble to the value of $150.

Students have until Monday 23rd November to submit their short films to Mr Frize via a USB drive.

As the name of the film festival implies we hope that our students take this opportunity to undertake this side project in their very busy lives and be brave in expressing themselves through the artform of digital media. 

Screening details coming soon!