It’s been a busy term for our budding pilots, below, our Head of Aviation, Mr Phil Ryrie provides an update on how some of the students in the Aviation program have been progressing over this term and throughout the year.

RA-Aus Pilot Certificate – fixed wing aeroplanes:

Presently we have five students who have begun their pilot certificate flight training. In addition, one of our students, Issac O’Flynn, is preparing to take his first solo flight while a further student is about to begin his flying training.

RePL (Remote Pilots Licence) – Drones:

Two students, Lucy Cross and Spedding Pearce, along with staff member Mr Callum Ross, have qualified for their commercial RePL Licence this term. At this time, a further five students have completed and passed the theory component of the course and are now completing their flying assessment.

It is pleasing to note that two of the students who qualified for the RePL last year, Ben Wynn and Spencer Walker-Broose, have been provided with paid commercial work in the near future.

New Year 7&8 Course – Introduction to Aviation:

This new course has been incorporated into the SMGS Aviation Program to allow younger students with an interest in Aviation, to start to build a foundation knowledge for the more advanced courses offered. The course runs for approximately two terms and has been designed to assess a student’s genuine interest in Aviation. The course also provides students with information to help their decision whether to concentrate on flying fixed wing aircraft or to go down the remote pilot path flying drones.