After completing their End of Semester Examinations in Week 6, the ACER Certificate Program students have returned to their study books in order to prepare for their Term 4 ACER examinations. Eighteen students across Years 7 to 9 ambitiously embarked upon their certificate level examinations. The ACER Certificate Program is specifically designed as an extension opportunity in the areas of both literacy and numeracy, with the examinations therefore developed to provide considerable challenge to participants. It is an outstanding accomplishment to have 100% of SMGS participants passing their examinations. In addition to this, 92% of our students who undertook the examinations achieved an Advanced Grade for their certificate levels. Congratulations to all participants.

Level 1 Reading

Jethro Baker

William Broe

Jessie Frize

Sarah McCabe

Zara Mesley

Sydney Radford

Sophie Watson

Dempsey Woolf

Level 1 Maths

Blake Bell

James Broe

Mia Cummings

Aidan Dawson

Zara Mesley

Olivia Roche

Sophie Watson

Level 2 Reading

Adam Caban

Dana Morgan

Level 2 Maths

Tulli Oayda

Alexandria Quinn

Dana Morgan

Level 3 Maths

Jessica Dawson

Level 4 Maths

Jessica Dawson