Congratulations to the students who were nominated to the 2021 Student Representative Council earlier this week.
The SRC will lead the student voice and support other students by presenting ideas that benefit the student body and will look to support our School and local community through service.
SRC meetings occur every two weeks at lunchtime, with the commitment being for the calendar school year. The SRC will be responsible for a variety of events and activities throughout the year.
Year 7:
Helena Smith
Year 8:
Will Broe, Nell Owen, Ally Quinn, Olivia Roche
Year 9:
Gabi Forman, Elise Philpott, Georgia Rumball
Year 10:
Jessie Dawson, Abbey Evans, Emily Hill, Spedding Pearce, Charlotte Woolf
Year 11:
Ayumi Bailey, Lawson Bell, Lucy Cross, Jobe Gentle, Veronika Vagner
Year 12 – President of SRC:
Kesha Oayda, Bode Townend