The Mock Trial is a competition run by the Law Society of NSW and is offered as a co-curricular activity at SMGS for students in years 10 and 11. The competition aims to introduce students to the NSW judicial system and involves students participating in a simulated criminal or civil court case. Students can undertake various roles, including a barrister, solicitor, witness, court officer, and magistrates clerk. The trials often take place in local courthouses, and they provide a wonderful experience for students interested in the law. The Mock Trial competition develops advocacy, debating and problem-solving skills and necessitates students working closely as a team.

On Thursday morning, the SMGS participated in Round 1 of the Mock Trial competition for 2021. Our first trial was against a well-prepared team from The Scots School Albury. The trial took place over zoom and, although SMGS did not win, the students all very much enjoyed their first experience of Mock Trial. As barristers, Sophie Bell and Sophie Goninan demonstrated acuity in cross-examination, and Megan Carter and Anton Skobelkin showed poise under pressure as witnesses. Sophie Paske carried out her duties as Magistrates Clerk with aplomb. The team is very much looking forward to the next trial next month.