Poetry in Action engages, delights and inspires

Showcasing all that is powerful about poetry, today the innovative touring theatre company, Poetry in Action, engaged and entertained our Stage 4, 5 and 6 students with their insightful and thought provoking performances.
A big thank you to the cast for yet another fantastic morning inspiring our students to keep writing and telling their stories.
The complexity of themes of themes and content developed over the each stage. An overview of each performance is as follows:

Stage 4 see Unlocking the Poetry Code at 8.45am. Forced to confront their artistic blocks in hilarious fashion, two intrepid wannabe poets will have to look inside their own minds to unlock the poetry code and save themselves from a digital wasteland. A rollicking story, filled with hilarious characters, wonderful poetry and irresistible comedy, make this an effortless educational show.

Stage 5 Words of War from 10am. This performance follows the life and works of Owen and the influences that led him to become one of the most striking and brilliant voices of his era. This dynamic show takes you through the horror, hopelessness and heroism of conflict; we examine people’s attitudes to war and how, through his poetry, we can come to a better understanding of war today. 

And Stage 6 Fact vs Fiction at 12 noon. If, as Coleridge says, poetry is simply ‘the best words in the best order’, how can our leaders use poetry to express the needs and ideas of our time? Using excerpts from film, television, poetry and real life, students will navigate the world of critical literacy. An insightful and entertaining show that will give students the tools to question and challenge the wealth of information in our modern world.