SMGS Junior School Term 2 Lunchtime and After-school Co-curricular Program off to a Flying Start

From the beginning of 2020, one of the key goals of the SMGS leadership team has been to build an inspiring and engaging Junior School lunchtime and after-school co-curricular and activities program.

Underpinned by our mission to work with families to develop well-rounded young people with active and creative minds, who have an understanding of and compassion for others, a passion for life-long learning and the courage and confidence to act on their beliefs, our vibrant Junior School co-curricular and activities program, tailored to our youngest learners, provides participation opportunities across all year levels, no matter the level of skill and experience.

We believe participation in co-curricular activities enhances learning in the classroom, facilitates positive friendships beyond the classroom, and is one of our key community-builders. In 2020, over 98% of full-time students participated in one or more optional co-curricular programs or activities, with the majority participating in two or more.

Fast forward to 2021, our Junior School lunchtime and after-school co-curricular and activities offerings have blossomed, with the following opportunities available to students to participate in during lunch or after school:

Term 1 2021

Dance, Gardening Club, Mountain Bike Club, Stage 3 Homework Club and Chess Club.

Term 2 2021

Choir, Chess Club, Garden Club, Minecraft Education, Winter Boot Camp Fitness, Rostrum Speaking/Debating, Stage 3 Tutor Club.

A really special outcome of the program so far this year has been the support from the Senior School students to help coach chess and help with the Gardening Club.

The Junior School lunchtime and after-school program has perfectly complemented our established, school-wide sport, co-curricular and activities programs such as snowsports, equestrian, mountain biking, carnivals and competitions.