National Careers Week – Highlighting the importance of career development within our schools for all students

Aja Bailey – During her Year 10 work experience week last year 

Did you know that our current students will on average have five careers in their lifetime? It is suggested that this is because approximately 65% of future jobs have not even been invented yet. So, our current students may start in one career and in a few years’ time transform their skills into a job that may not have existed when they began their career. That is why it is important to provide our students with the skills that will not only serve them when they walk out of our doors at the end of their schooling life, but skills that are going to serve them for the rest of their lives. Career development is more than just exploring jobs; it is about setting people up for the rest of their lives.

This week is National Careers Week, which “aims to celebrate careers, career development, career development services and practitioners to promote the economic, social and personal benefits of career development” (Career Industry Council of Australia). This week is about highlighting the work that is done by the careers profession and sharing the importance of career development within our schools for all students. 

At SMGS we are committed to providing students with opportunities to develop and build on the skills they will need to be successful after they leave school, whether that be through further education or when entering the workforce. Students have access to a qualified Careers Advisor who is passionate about helping students navigate the world after school with the many different options that they have available to them. The careers education program begins in Year 10 with weekly lessons focused on career development, and then through Year 11 and 12 with individualised support to explore students’ post-school options.

This is a great week to highlight the important work done by careers advisors in schools to support the next generation.