Author: Krista Mower, Equestrian Team Co-ordinator

This year Snowy Mountains Grammar School sent a team of twenty-three riders from Years 7 to 12 to compete at the North West Equestrian Expo in Coonabarabran, NSW. This is our biggest team to date and we could not be prouder of the way each student conducted themselves and cared for their horses throughout the competition. Just getting to the competition is an event in itself, as horses are overnighted along the way to ensure they are healthy for the five-day competition.

We have a strong team that competed in every discipline on offer and they should be extremely proud of the results and personal bests they achieved.


One-Day Event

One Star          

2nd Ella Dennis


2nd Alexandra Fairfield-Smith

3rd Alex Gould

4th Francesca Dennis

5th Olave Wilkinson

6th Beth Richardson-Dunn

9th Tara Miners

9thCassandra Nicholls


5th Toby McIntyre Shying

12th Mia Cummings

13th Jack Miners.


Combined Training


12th Marli Dixon


8th Tippi Wieland


11th Sophie Watson


12th Callie Beare


6th Daniel Ternes-Dixon

12th Charlotte Mooney

14th Piper Harding.


Warrumbungle Way Results

13 years          

3rd Jack Miners

5th Marli Dixon

14 years           

3rd Tara Miners

17 years          

1st Daniel Ternes-Dixon.


Working Horse Challenge

12 years           

5th Toby McIntyre Shying

14 years           

5th Tara Miners

17+ years        

4th Daniel Ternes-Dixon

9th Rhianna Blyth.


Flag race

14 years          

1st Tara Miners

13 years          

 5th Jack Miners


12 years          

8th Toby McIntyre Shying

Barrel Race

14 years           

2nd Tara Miners

Sporting Age Champion

14 years            Tara Miners.

Team Barrels

4th Alex Gould, Jack Miners & Toby McIntyre Shying

7th Daniel Ternes-Dixon, Rhianna Blyth & Tara Miners.


Showjumping Results

Astro 2phase   

2nd Emily Quodling

Astro A2          

4th Emily Quodling

80cm AM7       

2nd Jack Miners

80cm 2Phase   

5th Toby McIntyre Shying

80cm A2          

1st Cassandra Nicholls and Reserve Champion 80cm Div3

5th Jack Miners


14 years 4th Sophie Watson.


Six-bar Showjumping


Overall winner at a height of 140cm – Emily Quodling.



Junior Boys      

7th Toby McIntyre Shying

Junior Girls      

5th Piper Harding

Senior Boys     

4th Alex Gould 

5th Daniel Ternes-Dixon

Senior Girls      

13th Rhianna Blyth.


Division 2 Polocrosse

Two teams made the quarter-finals (top eight out of twenty-three teams)

Daniel Ternes-Dixon, Tara Miners, Rhianna Blyth

Jack Miners, Alex Gould, Cassandra Nicholls



Preliminary 1B

2nd Alexandra Fairfield-Smith

9th Zara Mesley

16th Callie Beare

Preliminary 1C

3rd Alexandra Fairfield Smith

13th Callie Beare

9th Zara Mesley.

Our return trip was even more exciting as we encountered the snowstorm on our way back, forcing many to take shelter. Fortunately, all have now arrived safely and the horses have earned a well-deserved rest over the winter months.