Exploring New Forms of Communication

In an ever-changing world one thing remains constant; our need to effectively communicate. However, the opportunities we have to do this are certainly changing. Podcasting is a platform that is changing the way we consume information and entertainment. For many, we are converted podcast listeners. For a few we have entered the world of creators of podcasts.

It is fair to say that the podcasting environment is flooded with content and we believe we need to explore what this means for our students? To do this, Year 9 recently completed a full day workshop with a professional broadcaster/podcaster so that we can realise new approaches we can take to communicate a message. Using their English content studied throughout the term, our students created podcasts that explored themes within texts, complete with music and introduction spiels that welcomed their listeners. The learning that took place on the day was engaging, fun and rewarding and many of the students indicated that they would certainly entertain the idea of hosting their own podcast! The art of conversation was at the core of the learning on the day. Offering these experiences for our students is so beneficial as we embrace real world learning opportunities. Stay tuned as SMGS looks to bring you a range of informative and hopefully entertaining podcasts in the near future.

On June 7 and 8, SMGS held a podcasting incursion run by Media for Millenials. Students learnt about sound quality, podcast writing and interviewing skills, production, editing, and so much more. 

By the end of the incursion, students created clever podcasts based on their English studies. 

This is a montage of the intros students created.