On June 3 2021 30 students from Year 9 and 10 travelled to Canberra to participate in the University of Newcastle ACT and Region Science and Engineering Challenge. The challenge is a day-long competition designed to provide Year 10 (or Year 9) students with a positive experience of science and engineering. Challenge activities include:

– Bridge Building

– Hover Frenzy

– Confounding Communications

– Future Power

– Grasping at Straws

– Helter Skelter Shelter

– Stringways

– Turbi

Students worked in teams of 3 and 4 and came away from the event with some outstanding results.

Some stand out results were as follows:

1st – Hover Craft – Ruby, Rennie, Darcy, and Spedding engineered a functional hovercraft out of basic materials.

1st – Confounding Communication (coding) – morning group (Ely, Taj, Annabelle, Pippi)and afternoon group (Nat, Jessica, Joseph, Seb) developed their own code.

Will and Lara represented SMGS for the school’s award for 3rd place overall.

Congratulations to all our students on their efforts, we are looking forward to event similar to this one in the future.