Late in Term 2, students in Years 7 to 10 were invited to enter the Australian Science Innovations’ Big Science Competition. Students volunteer to enter the competition, which promotes problem-solving and creative thought processes.

Congratulations to Marnix van Hooff (Year 7) and Elise Philpott (Year 9) for being awarded a High Distinction. Marnix and Elise placed in the top 5% of students undertaking the competition.

The following students received a distinction:

• Jakob Archer (Year 7)
• Patrick Rennie (Year 7)
• James Broe (Year 8)
• Tulli Oayda (Year 8)
• Alexander Brinkmann (Year 9)
• Kynan Scarlet (Year 9)

Well done to all the students who entered the competition this year.