Middle School – What Matters?

As we arrive at the end of Semester 1, 2021, we also arrive at the end of our very first semester of Middle School at Snowy Mountains Grammar School. A new initiative for SMGS in name, but not in design or intent. Snowy Mountains Grammar School has always held at the core of its business the knowledge of, and care for, each child as an individual.

Our aim is that the Middle School is a dynamic learning community that has at its heart, positive and constructive relationships across the entirety of the School. High expectations are held while ensuring a culture of care, compassion and belonging remain faithful to the culture of the School and its community. Learning and action on all levels, across all facets of the School, both in the classroom and outside, is relevant, deep and real. Structure and support contribute to a healthy environment, alongside a strong sense of belonging for every student.

Our school community is one of CARE: Courage, Authenticity, Respect and Empathy. At the core of all that we do in our Middle School are our School Values. Be our work academic, emotional, social or physical, our decisions and practice are guided by our core values and the deep need for our students to be challenged, belong and explore; to follow their passions and their dreams on their journey beyond school.

Our Middle School is a place where all students are seen, known and valued. Snowy Mountains Grammar School prides itself on ensuring that students are known and supported on their individual learning journeys. A journey that sees each child flourish, ensuring that they are prepared and supported to explore and navigate the challenges that learning in the 21stcentury and beyond might bring. SMGS strongly emphasises the provision of a safe and nurturing, yet challenging environment, underpinned by positive relationships.

Teachers are intent on striving to provide lessons and activities that prove to be stimulating and flexible to reach all students’ needs as we strive for high educational outcomes and personal bests for all. As a result, our learning space is energetic and vibrant. The team of dedicated teachers works hard to provide spaces and content that engage and arouse curiosity to ensure that students grow in confidence, knowledge and resilience as they prepare for Senior School and a life beyond the gates of Snowy Mountains Grammar School.

It matters that children are known and cared for, it matters that our children are raised in a community of CARE, it matters that we work together, in partnership, with best practice for the children of SMGS; sharing and collaboratively working with parents and carers to ensure that our students are nurtured within a structure that provides individual care and pathways for each and every child within the Middle School of Snowy Mountains Grammar School. 

Mrs Jennifer Thompson, Head of Middle School